Massage Therapy

massage_therapy_santa_monicaWe offer the highest quality massage available. Our therapist is completely versed in not only soothing, luxurious massage, designed for you, but also therapeutic, transformative, healing, western and Asian techniques customized for your ailments. Utilizing passive stretching, your body dynamics are subtly changed, allowing you improved posture and freer movement in your day.

We offer specialized pre and post natal massage available no where else of this quality. With or without acupuncture, these treatments are completely beneficial to your growing new life. Designed with your comfort as key, they not only facilitate a healthy pregnancy and baby, but also keep mom happy and healthy- avoiding or treating the onset of morning sickness, lower and upper back pain, stretch marks, constipation, mood swings, pregnancy rashes, sciatica, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and more. This special time in a woman’s life deserves to be valued and nurtured, producing a happier, healthier baby.

Massage Therapy Santa Monica Santa Monica Massage Therapy
After delivery, we recognize the often overlooked mental and medical needs of a new mom. Providing regenerating care and advice, we help nourish your body, putting you in good stead for your important new role.

If you are unable to come without your little one, there are Mommy and Me sessions available.

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