Pain Management and Orthopedic / Injury Healing

orthopedic-treatmentWhile the processes of healing are complex, many things can be done to minimize or alleviate pain and to reduce healing time.

Injuries run a gamut from broken finger to herniated disc to pulled neck muscle, sprained ankle or torn rotator cuff. Whatever the injury, there is usually immediate or chronic inflammation, pain, and an interruption in normal blood flow, lactic acid and other fluids to the area. Body movement and dynamics are also changed to compensate and “protect” the injury.orthopedic treatment

The sooner an injury is treated, the more rapidly and efficiently we can address the changes made and adjust the bodies systems to optimize healing, reducing recovery time and minimizing pain, as well as minimizing the effect it has on other body parts.

When we break a leg, our leg muscles will start to atrophy from non-use and our back and shoulder muscles will be working overtime as we maneuver around on crutches. The goal is to circulate the lactic acid out of the shoulder and back muscles and to circulate fresh blood with its healing bone building components in-to the leg area. Combinations of massage, acupuncture, ice, heat, herbal plasters, stretching, traction, and immobilization are employed to facilitate rapid recovery.

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