Pre and Post-Natal Care

Mother and baby in summerSo you’re pregnant. . Whether this is your first baby or you are a seasoned mom, it’s an exciting time. Things are changing dramatically. Now is the time, foremost, to ensure your well being and that of your growing little one. Post Natal Care Santa Monica

At La Paz, what we do is unique. One of our main goals is to protect and improve the health of mothers to be, and provide the support and guidance necessary to ease through this transitional time. Many issues come up. Some things you expect, others are more of a surprise. What we do is help you to predict and to deal with conditions as they arise.

Physical conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, morning sickness, digestive problems, pregnancy rash, preeclampsia (hypertension,edema), gestational diabetes and insomnia are common but not necessary conditions that come up for mom. The internal health of mom and that of your baby are addressed. Acupuncture and specialized massage are designed to optimize your health and keep you calm and comfortable throughout all three terms.

After delivery, we work with you to ensure a healthy recovery, and gradual but energetic start to your new important role. We nourish your body with foods and herbs designed to expedite your return to vitality.