Specialized Fertility Treatments & Pre – Post Natal Care

If you are looking to start or grow your family, getting your own body into optimum shape is the ideal. Some have had particular issues with conception or with carrying full term. Conditions come up with women’s bodies as well, during and after the pregnancy, such as back pain, morning sickness, gestational diabetes, rashes, and hypertension, constipation, tendonitis, and lactation difficulties. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine addresses the health of the woman, as well as babies health, and is useful at all three stages– pre-conception, pregnancy and post-natally.

As we age, the environment of our body changes, making it more difficult sometimes to conceive. Acupuncture fertility treatments increases blood flow to the uterus, increases and regulates necessary hormones for conception and promotes the wellness and development of baby throughout all three terms. The effects of acupuncture on fertility have been well documented and can be used alone or in conjunction with, and to increase the effectiveness of, ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques).

For men – if lack of motility or sperm count is the issue, acupuncture works to increase quality and quantity by boosting hormone production, also very important factors in the delivery of a healthy baby.

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