Helped me to lose my weight

I am coming to Beth Ellen for several years once in two weeks and do not plan to stop. After her treatments I feel better and I look better.

She is not only address many of my health issues with acupuncture and massage but also I do Cosmetic acupuncture and it makes me look better and younger without any invasive injections, but it works like “botox” on my winkles! Very, very exiting!

Beth Ellen acupuncture helped me to lose my weight, to get rid of my hot flashes, better sleep, no teeth grounding during night, no headaches and many other issues. The home care supplements and vitamins I get from Beth Ellen works wonderful together with her treatments.

Her office is very relaxing, I love the energy there. I book my biweekly appointments for couple month in advance and have no problem with it. Prices are very affordable and I love it!
Thank you Beth Ellen to make me feel better!